Understanding the Customer

For Decades, I have worked in some form of endeavor when contact with and support for the customer was part of my job.

Understanding what they wanted, needed or were trying to ask for was a daily task.

Today however I find it harder and harder to hear and prepare for making, marketing and delivering what future customers are looking for.

The modern age where more than 2/3 of shoppers are looking at a tiny hand held screen instead of holding the actual item in their had is reality.

Also with 100’s and even 1000’s of other makers out ther all trying to catch their interest, to even hold your attention 1-2 seconds longer to allow you to really see the item makes it difficult.

So the only way I can help you the customer get what you want is to hear from you.

Up till now this blog has been a monolog instead of a dialog.

I welcome your product suggestions ,write to me.

Walter Ambrosch