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Walter Ambrosch (a.k.a. Dusty Splinters) / Artist & Craftsman

Walter discovered his passion for woodturning more than 45 years ago.

Even at a young age, watching the shavings and curls come off of a sharp tool while turning wood was pure joy and he was hooked.

He followed his woodworking passion into many genre of woodcraft from Bowls to Architecture and has won many awards. His work can be found from Park Ave in New York City to as far away as Europe and Australia.

His attention to detail leaves nothing to chance, carefully using select woods to improve our daily lives. Using both modern and traditional tools and methods he focuses on enhancing our lives and honoring the tree with his creations.

His wood comes from sustainable sources. He focuses on utilizing what others do not which includes discarded logs, fallen trees, and salvaged wood. Beauty can often be found in the most unexpected of places. Walter is passionate about caring for Mother Earth planting trees whenever possible.

Everything that comes from the shop is hand crafted, no two pieces are identical. Custom work can be done upon request, please visit the contact page and let us know your specifications.

Walter is available for demonstrations at local venues as well as school shop classes, clubs, turning symposiums, and small groups. Local apprenticeships are also available.